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Repair Prices

I work on all fretted instruments including Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele. The list below is just sample of repair services I offer.  All repair prices below should be considered rough estimates.  Every instrument has specific needs and requirements that may or may not impact the price. Prices do not include tax or the cost of strings.  I do stock D’addario acoustic and electric strings for $10 a set.

Restring any guitar

            $20 (Floyd Rose add $15)

Basic setup – Includes truss rod, action adjustment, intonation, pickup height (if applicable), cleaning, oiling fretboard, tightening               loose hardware.

            $65.00. (For Floyd Rose – add $35)

Deluxe Setup – Includes a basic set up plus leveling, recrowning, and polishing of the frets.

            $150.00 (For Floyd Rose – add $35)

Refret neck (unbound rosewood or ebony) – Does not include making a new nut or saddle if necessary.


Refret neck (bound or finished) – Does not included making a new nut or saddle if necessary


Custom Nut  - Handmade from real bone


Custom Saddle – Handmade from real bone


Acoustic Neck Reset (Dovetail joint) – Does not include new nut or saddle. 


Crack Repair

            $30 per inch

Electronics (parts not included)

            Full rewire (non archtop)- $150

            Replace 1 pickup  (non archtop)- $50

            Replace 2 pickups (non archtop) - $90

            Replace 3 pickups (non archtop) - $120

            Archtops – add $50

Prices vary for repairs such as headstock breaks, worn bridgeplates, loose braces, binding reglue, etc.  Contact me to set up an appointment for an estimate.


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