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Micah Nicol

Micah Nicol, guitarist for The Ruta Beggars, has been gigging and recording with the mahogany and Adirondack spruce dreadnought I built with an optional adjustable tone port.  From bluegrass to solo settings, he’s put the guitar through the paces, and here are some of his thoughts:

“It is obvious that these guitars are made with pride, precision, and passion. Each sliver of wood and alloy on this instrument is thoughtfully and carefully honed and placed. This attention to detail makes the guitar easy to fret and make a boisterously full sound; one with unparalleled sustain (it just keeps ringing)! 


The adjustable tone port is particularly useful for when I need just a little boost. I use it like an 'analog' volume pedal for taking solos or making sure I cut through a live mix on a guitar-centric part of a song. It's also just cool to see the inside of the guitar and the 'backstage' view of your hand strumming the strings.”   -- Micah Nicol


If you love great music, you should check out Micah on whichever choice of social media you prefer.  He’s s truly talented and versatile musician.  His band, The Ruta Beggars, lays down some killer bluegrass with some of the best harmonies around.  I’m truly honored to have a guitar I’ve built used on their latest recordings and can’t wait for its release.




Sings "Country Found Me"

Hear the audio in the video down below. 

"The guitar sounds as beautiful as it looks, and plays like a dream. It would be the perfect instrument for any song of any genre."  

-----Alyssa Trahan, Nashville Singer/Songwriter

20191228_DSC_9657_GW (5).jpg

Brian Dooley

After recording several videos for his YouTube Channel using a Gillander Grand Concert with a German spruce top and zirecote back and sides, Dooley had this to say about the guitar:

"An ideal instrument for someone switching over from a nylon guitar who is looking to blend classical and steel string repertoire.  This is a joy to play and has a wide pallet of tones for whatever your interests might be on the guitar."  ----  Dr. Brian Dooley

Brian Dooley is a guitarist and bagpiper residing in Asheville, NC.  On the guitar he
performs a wide variety of classical, finger-style, and Celtic music. His concerts typically
blend a wide gamut of repertoire dating back from the Renaissance to the modern day,
often including his own arrangements of popular music and original material. In addition
to performing on guitar, he often likes to include a set of tunes at the end of each concert
on the Scottish smallpipes. Brian is a recording artist on both KOTEKAN and Azica
Records. He is a recent graduate of the Eastman School of Music where he earned his
DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts).

Hear Brian's masterful recording below, and check out his other videos on YouTube.

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