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Gillander Guitars offers hand-built guitars and fretted instrument repair in Oneida, NY.  As a luthier and guitar player, Chad Gillander delivers comfortable, well-balanced, warm and articulate instruments. From a banjo-inspired headstock shape, carbon reinforced necks, tastefully refined rosettes, down to the end graft, Gillander Guitars mix traditional construction and aesthetics with refined modern nuances.  Ultimately, Gillander Guitars are tailored to the player’s needs. When a client trusts GIllander Guitars to build their dream guitar, our aim is to develop a relationship with each client that continues long after the guitar leaves the bench.


Guitar repairs are handled with the same care and attention as a Gillander Guitar custom build.  Our goal is to return to you an instrument that plays and sounds better than new.  The guitar should feel comfortably tailored to your playing style and sound fantastic. 

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